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Saturday 26th April & Saturday 10th May.

2 Part Milsim in co-operation between Predator Combat Games AND Sim-Tac Airsoft


Next level Milsim!!

All we need to know NOW?
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Re: OPERATION PRETAC - Milsim Event!

• Date: Saturday 26th April @ Sim Tac Airsoft / Saturday 10th May @ Predator Airsoft
• Cost: £60 / €70,

• Timings:
o Sign in and chrono from 0800 - 0900 on Saturday.
o Gates close and game briefing at 0900
o Game start at 0930
o Endex 1930
• Camping: Players are welcome to arrive on Friday night,


Operation PRETAC

Background story
INTEL: Coalition Force HQ
An active group of insurgents have been operating out of a compound located in Ar Ramadi in the Iraqi heartland.
The facility is being used as a stronghold to operate their reign of terror.
The compound is well built and highly fortified. Access at all will be difficult at best.
Intelligence tells us, the leader ‘Al Kazari’, well known world wide terrorist, is known to be at this facility. The insurgents (many former military personnel) are highly trained and determined to achieve their aims of domination and control.
This Intelligence gathering combat mission and disruption of any capability of further attack is highest priority
Mission preparations have been made and coalition troops are on standby for deployment at a moments notice.

Coalition Forces: CAMO ONLY (NO CIVI CLOTHING!) 40 places

Rebel Militia: CIVI CLOTHING ONLY (NO CAMO CLOTHING!!) 20 places

Assault vests acceptable but make sure your clothing reflect the team you’re on.

Report for duty at 0800hrs for registration and set up.


• All players are expected to have read and understood the game rules to Follow on Each Faction Group
• Age limit – Over 18s, Over 16s Accompanied Buy and Adult
• Players must wear the uniform appropriate to their faction. If not listed of unsure please contact Jonathan / Miceal
• Pre-registration is required. You will not be able to turn up on the day!


● Ammo Limits
With the exception of support guns. All players Pease try to have Mid-Cap mags if not, 2 Hi caps. Support gunners (with a proper support gun e.g. M249, M60, RPK, but not a MG36) may use an electrically wound box mag. Ammo limits per player are as follows:

● Rifleman - 700.
● Sniper - 150.
● Support - 2000.

All BBs must be carried in magazines. Players can have any combination of mags (rifle, pistol etc.) provided they do not exceed the total bb limit for their role.


RADIO COMMS: Squads will receive a radio each to communicate directly with their commander

● Radios
PMR Radio channels are allocated per side. Players may not eavesdrop on the opposition’s communications. PMR channels are:

● Rebel Forces - Ch. 2, 3, 4 and all sub channels.
● Coalition Forces - Ch. 5, 6, 7 and all sub channels.

Channel 1 is reserved for marshals and emergencies.

● Hits
○ Gun hits disable until the weapon is returned to a respawn point.
○ Ricochets do not count / Friendly fire does.
○ Bang kills are a courtesy and do not have to be given or observed.
○ Grenades kill (i.e. no bleed out and medic treatment is not possible) everyone within 3m in the open, and every player in the room when detonated indoors.
○ To knife kill put your hand on the victim’s shoulder and say “knife”. The kill is silent, so the target does not say “Hit” and cannot call for a medic. They do bleed out as normal for 5 minutes.

● Medic rules
All players carry one bandage, Medics will be assigned to each side, Only a Medic can Medic Players, However if the Medic is hit a Player may Medic him
● Players who are hit, shout “Hit,” and kneel or lie down. They raise their hand and can only shout “medic.” A bright orange death rag is recommended to avoid getting shot again.
● There is a 5 minute bleed out time for a BB hit.

Respawn, Players may respawn after they were originally hit. They respawn at their designated respawn location.

● Prisoners
To take a prisoner - provide medical treatment to an enemy casualty. Prisoners are restrained by giving them a loop of rope or cable tie to hold in their hands (like a steering wheel). Once restrained they may not use ANY guns or weapons until released or executed. Prisoners may not move by themselves, they have to be simulated carried. Prisoners may not be held for more than 30 minutes.

● Searching
There are no concealable game props in use so there is no need at any time to search a captive player.

● Simulated carry
To simulated carry a casualty or prisoner, a healthy player puts one hand on their shoulder, and then both may move at a slow walking pace.
You can book your place with Jonathan thought either 086-4118610 or simulationtacticalairsoft@gmail.com, This will be on a first come first serve basis
Booking Opens Saturday 16th March 2014

A Deposit of £30 / €35 is required on booking to secure you place, It can be Paid to either thought PayPal or in Sim-Tac Airsoft, with the balance paid on the day of the Event
Wheres my flask?!!!