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FORUM Do's and Dont's

WELCOME to Predator Combat Games forum. We hope you enjoy your time on this forum.

Just a few things to keep in mind when using the forum;


NO INSULTS relating to race, creed, political stance, disability (YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN!) will be tolerated. 

We do not want to stifle the craic and banter on the forum we just ask that you be sensitive of the language and statements you make.


Predator has a shop on site. A range of air soft weapons and accessories are available.

Second hand sales: you MUST be a member of Predator Combat Games as registered on UKARA to sell trade or buy guns on this forum. This means UNLESS YOU HAVE a number that starts with prefix 'PRE' and digits for example '90851' - PRE90851, You CANNOT trade your air soft guns.

ALL air soft weapons MUST be in WORKING ORDER unless otherwise stated. Explain exactly what you are selling and itemize and clear price.


We cannot vouch for other players who may register on this but our shop will deal with any trade requests from non members. You may send us a message with your requests ans they will be dealt with promptly.

This topic is subject to change and updates. Please keep your self updated with any changes to avoid misunderstanding


please check threads for dates and subject matter etc before creating unnecessary or duplication of threads.

If you need to contact us;

Office: 02897565651
Mobile: 07825169631/2 or

Wheres my flask?!!!